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Does Anything Interesting Happen If you beat genocide at LV 1?

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Just A change in the death text when you beat them. Still Challenging to make it that far.

Yep, there are a few acknowledgements for doing stuff like that.

Wow, good job pulling that off!

I killed him ONCE and he thinks I am genocidal! I tried to spare him but he wont let me.

They don't forget! But you can fully reset it if you completely reset their universe -- I mean refresh the game.

When I attacked while byte was scanning, the screen never stopped being distorted. 

it's not showing to play ;-;

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Ack, it's probably your browser not allowing it to run. Browsers are phasing out Flash.

It stopped for me, too, but I got it to show up again. Try Googling 'chrome enable flash' (or whatever browser you're running), and follow the steps there.

Allow flash on the website. I hate when websites are like this and don't show the 'Click to enable adobe flash player' Don't you?

Love this game and the endings

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!