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I killed them =) Geno run, a shame a few victims had escaped during this fight


I know GX is out and everything, but is there any way you could release the SWF of this for the public, so we can play it offline?

Thanks for letting me know! I changed it to downloadable. Be sure to pick up a standalone Flash player, too.

You're awesome! Thank you!


In the future, i recommend adding checkpoints to the game, to make it a little more easier.

Great game.

"Stop making me waste good CPU cycle of this." Fuck you too.

I really, REALLY wish there was away to skip the first stage.

also I can't even use pasifist I don't know how

it just says determined

I find it so much like undertale should I attack? or should I go easy(do nothing but dodge)

Bruh this is the best undertale fangame ever because its so original and glitch less.

i beat him in14 hp also in the binary attack blue is 0 and 1 is white

Flash is dead, so this is dead :^(

flash wil die in december 2020


you can still use flash, it will just be unsupported

Its not dead, and this is really not dead

Flash is indeed dead in 2020, but you can still download a standalone Flash player to play it :>

i need download it, i dont want the flash port

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i changed this because never mind BOTH PACIFIST AND GENOCIDE ARE HARD


ahem i beat him with 20 hp its not hard


cool fangame really hard

i think i foung a bug.

if you pacifist until you get the glitch effect and then you attack,it will switch to genocide,but still have the glitch effect 

There should be a way to reduce the background effects because it makes the game really laggy during genocide


AHH come on! I was so close to KILLING Blue and Lu! Amazing fan game thought. I loved murdering you

I almost did the blue and lu fight, BUT Those THUNDER

once you win, if you go genocidal again, it gets harder, and the chat changes. its hard, but its a fun game.


good but really glichy and lag]


no no no no no no no no no!


why does he remind me of club penguin XD


If you do pacifist then you restart, do "take out your weapon" and when you finish the fight, you get a ending. Hooray.

For me, the ending isn't any different from the normal genocide ending (when you kill Lu first) . . . :|

Oof i did that days ago i know how to do it, go pacifist and when blue is sparing you, KILL HIM. then you get an ending

Fight him again after and it says "Blue Reappeared! (He's Pissed)"


Dont Forget.

Wanna hear a good undertale game?




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I have beat 4/5 routes

Insult him in the pacifist route



hey, kill blue before lu and try o beat her

I fail

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all on level 1

and all the other routes




Ladies and Gentlemen, I beat Lu at 1 LV! I have been trying to do this for 3 MONTHS STRAIGHT! As proof I know what she says. She calls you a total lunatic and questions how you got there at 1 LV.

Wow, congrats! That's quite impressive, and indeed, it's what she says xD Nice job~


I love this fan game so much. You put a ton of thought into this, and going pacifist and just insulting the entire time while dodging everything has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I call it the passive aggrescifist route.

Haha, thanks! Glad you found that ending! :D

Trying to end a genocide run is harder that finishing it

I'm not a genocidal maniac anymore. The breaks on the murder train worked

Welp. I'm not doing that from the beginning again

Okay, fine. round 2

Does Anything Interesting Happen If you beat genocide at LV 1?

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Just A change in the death text when you beat them. Still Challenging to make it that far.

Yep, there are a few acknowledgements for doing stuff like that.

Wow, good job pulling that off!

I killed him ONCE and he thinks I am genocidal! I tried to spare him but he wont let me.

They don't forget! But you can fully reset it if you completely reset their universe -- I mean refresh the game.


When I attacked while byte was scanning, the screen never stopped being distorted. 

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