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You're not REALLY genocidal. ...are you?

Features custom artwork, attacks, and music, and over 5 unique endings!
See some screenshots here.

[Arrows] - Move
[Z] or [Enter] - Confirm
[X] or [Shift] - Cancel
[ESC] (Hold) - Reset

Flash port, art, and battle by Serule Blue.
Undertale and SFX by Toby Fox.
BGM by Checqz.

Published Feb 12, 2017
TagsAction RPG, Bullet Hell, flash, Pixel Art, undertale
Average sessionA few minutes


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Does Anything Interesting Happen If you beat genocide at LV 1?

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Just A change in the death text when you beat them. Still Challenging to make it that far.

Yep, there are a few acknowledgements for doing stuff like that.

Wow, good job pulling that off!

I killed him ONCE and he thinks I am genocidal! I tried to spare him but he wont let me.

They don't forget! But you can fully reset it if you completely reset their universe -- I mean refresh the game.

When I attacked while byte was scanning, the screen never stopped being distorted. 

it's not showing to play ;-;

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Ack, it's probably your browser not allowing it to run. Browsers are phasing out Flash.

It stopped for me, too, but I got it to show up again. Try Googling 'chrome enable flash' (or whatever browser you're running), and follow the steps there.

Allow flash on the website. I hate when websites are like this and don't show the 'Click to enable adobe flash player' Don't you?

Love this game and the endings

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!